Getting out of crib CurlyDimpledLunatic! Due December 11 (girl); 2 kids; North Dakota 13773 posts
Feb 11th '13

How old was your LO when he/she figured out how to climb out of their crib?

☆Mrs. Mathers☆ 3 kids; Greenway, OH, United States 26554 posts
Feb 11th '13

my DD never escaped her crib. i think we turned it to a toddler bed before she had the chance. lol although she never even climbed baby gates unless she was told she was allowed.

meℓissa. 2 kids; ♥, CA, United States 21264 posts
status Feb 11th '13

he was around 16 months

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
Feb 11th '13

DD never did and she got a toddler bed at 2.

P Pickle Pants 98 kids; California 20532 posts
Feb 11th '13

13mo. As soon as he could walk.