School child study for special ed. Q user banned
Feb 11th '13

who filled it out - you or your child's doctor? The teacher sent home the referral with some tips and said I could fill it out out doctor could.

Which doctor should get to fill it out of I don't, his clinical social worker, psychologist, or his psychiatrist?

How long did the child study/evaluation through the take?

His teacher told me they have an autism room with 5/6 kids or DS might stay in his class full-time and have the teacher come in there for him for an hour a day. They'd to see what he needs.

He already had an IEP for speech. Would we need to call another meeting to add this if that's what they say he needs?

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Feb 11th '13


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Feb 11th '13

I believe it was my childs regular pediatrician who filled it out. We did do a new IEP, I was told that is standard anytime something new is added to his diagnosis. I don't remember how long it took, he was already in therapy and going to a special needs school when he turned 3 was standard procedure for where we were. I don't think it took all that long though, a few weeks to get all the paperwork completed and submitted to the people that needed it.