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Feb 11th '13


P Pickle Pants 98 kids; California 20532 posts
Feb 11th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting cookie monster (a and p):</b>" I know at the hospital they make you wear those horrible gowns, but this time we're having the baby at ... [snip!] ... old and I do plan on packing her some things like elmo dvd's because there's a dvd player and tv that she'll be able to use. "</blockquote>

You could pack a nightgown, but PJs with pants are a bad idea---you'll be putting them on and off to be checked, go pee, etc.

I have an old nightgown I'll take because I plan to be up during labor and don't want my ass hanging out when I walk the halls---but I wouldn't bring anything new (its gonna be gross!) or with bottoms.

Julieeuhhh 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Texas 5888 posts
Feb 11th '13

Personally if probably wear a comfy dress nightgown. And some warm socks. I'd wear the dress gown because it'd be easier for them to check me.

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Feb 11th '13

I wore a comfy nightgown that had bleach stains on it so it wouldn't matter if I got blood or fluid on it. :D

It also unbuttoned in the front to facilitate easier access to my boobies.

Addi&Aria'smama 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Florissant, Missouri 8261 posts
Feb 11th '13

I would wear a dress or a nightgown. All that stuff that comes out of you, plus checking you, going pee, etc. Your pants would be pretty much obsolete by the end of it.

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
Feb 11th '13

They don't "make" you wear the hospital gowns at the hospital. You could bring your own clothes if you wanted to wear that instead.
When I had my son, I wore a bra and nothing else. I mean when I walked around I put on some shorts, but I spent most of my labor at home naked, and then in the tub at the hospital.

BrittanieY 18 kids; South Carolina 16634 posts
Feb 11th '13

If you are anything like me, you will be damn-near naked when the time comes.

I was so hot I started stripping clothes between contractions. The only reason that the bra remained on is that crowning started before I could reach it :lol:.

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Feb 11th '13

I wore a bra and had a sheet wrapped around me. I was just killing time until the tub filled. Girls that delivered at the same place wore comfy PJ pants and tees, gowns, etc. I planned on wearing my pants but my water broke and they were soaked. They only checked me at my request so pants wouldn't have been an issue.