Something wrong? (update) Mimi A 2 kids; Raven, VA, United States 506 posts
Feb 11th '13


I had Logan to the doctor and he checked him over completely, had him walk for him and everything. Apparently there is nothing wrong with him and his ears look perfect.

Well... someone explain to me why this child after nearly 3 months of stable looking walking is acting like a little drunk person!?! And yes, my mother is still at me that something is wrong with him and the doctor is a idiot. The doctor's reasoning is that he's gotten over confident with his walking and isn't paying attention.

Ok, help me out here mamas.

LO has been acting slightly different the last few days and I don't want to go to the pedi unless I need to cause it's about a hour drive. There is a pedi closer but he missed way too much with my daughter and I'm not visiting his office 2x a week til he's in the hospital. My mother is swearing that some thing is wrong with him cause "he's just not Logan". This all started from what I can tell Friday morning.

He's a year old. His ears don't look red and he's not pulling at them. No excessive drooling. Gums don't feel swollen and chewing is still the same as usual. No fevers and no snotty/running nose. Still nursing the same amount plus some solid foods (almost anything I'm eating). My diet has not changed. On Thursday, I let him try a couple sips of whole milk.

He's having moments that he will be unstable while walking. Flopping down, balance is off compared to before. He will have moments he will cry and scream bloody murder like he's in pain without any obvious clues to what is wrong. He has a lot of gas but doesn't seem bothered by it. He always has been a tooter. He's peeing normal and had normal pooping til a runny one yesterday afternoon. No diaper rash either.

Really trying to remember every detail to throw out there just in case one small thing makes a difference. He is acting pretty "normal" with the exception of the balance issue and the sudden screaming in pain. And I know it's not him just mad about something because that's a different scream.

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49166 posts
Feb 11th '13

it could still be an ear infection....If anything take him to urgent care and they could check him over....

My daughters first ear infection, her ears were not red, no pulling at them nothing... Just waking up in the middle of the night i delt with ear infections for 5 weeks we now have tubes now.

Tiffanie Rose 2 kids; Kansas city, MO, United States 3021 posts
Feb 11th '13

It still could be a ear infection, the twins don't always pull at their ears or they don't tend to get red. Usually I can tell it's that when they become over fussy or don't like laying down in bed. The gas could more than likely just be from the whole milk, since it's different from breastmilk their tummies have to adjust. My girls nurse around 6 times a day still but also will drink sometimes a cup of milk and juice or water. Whole milk seems to make them a bit more gassy and more stinky diapers.

Mimi A 2 kids; Raven, VA, United States 506 posts
Feb 11th '13

We don't have a urgent care here. It's basically either go to your regular doctor during their business hours or go to the ER after hours. I may just take SO to work tomorrow and then take him on in to the pedi.

Thankfully so far with him he's only had croup.