well me and DH Tea Bag McGee Due November 21 (girl); 2 kids; tardis, OS, United States 6934 posts
Feb 11th '13

me and DH where talking.. and we have decided in the next 3 to 6 months to TTC.

my only fear is.. dun dun dun

finding out its a turtle.. lmao.

i want a girl so bad and so does DH. but this will be our last baby so we are hoping for baby #3 to be a girl.

Jennick.1113 Due November 30; 36 kids; 2 angel babies; New York 7311 posts
Feb 11th '13

Good luck :)

I was "worried" about having a girl this time so I paid attention to all the wives tales and gender charts to ensure that I got a boy. 20 weeks later...found out I was having my third girl, lol. Some days I still think about how nice a boy would have been but I'm so excited to meet this little girl! 9 days :)

user banned 4 kids; 00000, WE, Malta 68658 posts
Feb 11th '13

That was our fear as well. We have three handsome boys now...and will probably have a fourth in 3-4 years