*mommy kelsey*7 weeks Due October 1; 19 kids; Washington 656 posts
Feb 10th '13

id say no...but my husband would never ask that he likes to work. I would say no because I am a lot cleaner than my husband so its easy for me to keep the house clean and I feel like he couldn't be as patient as I am with our son all day. He loves him but I know he would go crazy.

DisneyMommy 34 kids; Florida 6301 posts
Feb 11th '13

Actually, my SO is about to become a SAHD,.

This is something i NEVER thought would happen,. many men tend to feel that their traditional role is to be a provider,. even if the woman brings in income herself/

I have been a SAHM for some time, even with my kids in school. We live out in a country-ish area where there is not a lot of job opportunity if you dont have an open schedule,. and you may have to commute to find something decent. it is not always as easy as just "work while your kids are in school"....there is pretty much no outside the home work I can do strictly during my kids school hours (i do have a work at home gig). I am traditonal in the sense that I like my kids to come home from school to cookies and milk and a loving parent to hug them and spend time wikth them help them with their homework, talk about their day, and play with them. That has always been my role, but I have no problem with SO taking over that role,.

My SO has been out of the house for a few months (long story), but is returning on the 18th and he is going to take over the "housewife" duties, cooking, cleaning, maintenace,. PTA, school activities & extra-curriculars, errands, and looking after the kids, and just basically holding down the fort, and I am going to start an outside the home job. He has NEVER not worked (and he is 40),.....but I think he will be fabulous at being a SAHD (he loves to cook,. doesnt mind cleaning, i do it but hate it, he actually doesnt mind it so much, and is great with hands-on parenting), wish us

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
Feb 11th '13

In a heart beat! Hopefully he waits till DD is at school though. It can get pretty boring at home all day.

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Feb 11th '13

Now that my kids are bigger, sure. I wouldn't be kosher with choosing for him to stay home while I worked with a child under 2...but over two is fine with me. He won't though, he wouldn't want to homeschool & if we would put them in school then we'd both work. No way in hell would I be okay with him staying home once the kids are both in school. LOL Talk about taking the easy part of being a SAHD.

Amy {OneGirl, TwoBoys} 3 kids; Cincinnati, Oh, United States 24257 posts
Feb 11th '13

i'd go for , yes. i'd make sure i found a job that pays his current income first

L Lawlite Whammy, OH, United States 650 posts
Feb 11th '13

If it wouldn't impact our finances negatively, then sure. I would want to give it a trial run, maybe leave him with DD alone during the hours I would work for a couple of days. See how he handled it. My DH is wonderful with our daughter but horrible with house work. If he couldn't keep up with both that would be a deal breaker. When I stopped working I told him that I would handled the house work. I would expect the same thing if he was a stay at home dad.

Upper Echelon 2 kids; Kansas City, Missouri 5445 posts
Feb 11th '13

No. I don't have a degree yet and he's an Engineer, it would be a really stupid decision financially. I'll still make a lot less than him after I graduate (RN), and by then, both of our kids will be in school full time. Our plan is that my pay will be divided equally between our investments, savings, and vacation fund; while he maintains the other expenses, becoming a SAHD put a huge kink in our plans for the future.

Heather ♥ Due November 13; 4 kids; 3 angel babies; Key Largo, FL, United States 2445 posts
Feb 11th '13

he'd have to keep working until i finish school.

✨Kati✨ Due May 20; 1 child; Memphis, TN, United States 3268 posts
Feb 11th '13

Nope I wouldn't be okay with it,he makes too much money.

Amanda Contento Florida 2302 posts
Feb 11th '13
Quoting bbbt:" If your husband/partner/baby-daddy/whatever you call him, approached you and said he wants to be a stay ... [snip!] ... and return to the work force to support your family, or would you insist he keep on working so you can stay home? Explain. "

If I made what he makes or more than yes I would. If he wants to be a stay at home dad then be my guest. Sometimes I wish it was the other way around just so he can truly see what I do all day. When he's home I am lazy because he's home and I take that as my lil break.

Nameless Ghoul 2 kids; Sweden 6452 posts
Feb 12th '13

I've honestly dreamed of that! I miss feeling like a financial provider and I'm starting to hate being stuck in the house all the time (thank goodness I have going to school to help me with that right now)