Sick baby SMBC**TTC#3 TTC since Jun 2013; 2 kids; California 17924 posts
Feb 9th '13

What should I be on the look out for? DD doesn't tend to get fevers. She gets rashes and VERY lethargic instead. So what should I be on the look out for? She seems to be getting a cold. Right now the FLU and RSV are going around.

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
Feb 9th '13

A temperature, sweating, shivering, crying in pain, coughing excessively, not eating, not drinking.

With dehydration you look for lethargy, no tears when crying, dry mouth, dry eyes, and if they still have fontanels sunken fontanels.

There are a million colds going around too though, so don't worry until you have to.

~mama~ 4 kids; Susanville, CA, United States 1556 posts
Feb 9th '13

If she is lethargic take her to the hospital... DD is just getting over RSV and it is AWFUL, I hope your lo doesn't get it :(