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Feb 16th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ash*leigh:</b>" This all sounds so strange. I have kidney stone issues and it has nothing to do with drinking ... [snip!] ... me it was my gallbladder but they would not do anything abt it till LO is born and that by then the problems would likely stop."</blockquote>

Im back in the hospital now.. been here since the night i posted this. They sent me to the hospital 2hours away. Newfoundland health science. Its not my gallbladder the pain went to my other side it got that bad I was so sick I was throwing up blood clots and my bowels they dont really no what is wrong my kidney is swollen but I dont have stones. Im hooked up to an IV and on morphine every 4 hours when needed but im doing a lot better the past 2 days then I was the pas week. I was in complete hell. They are doing soooo man tests on me to see what is wrong. But one thing is for sure nothing is effecting the pregnancy so my little man is safe and sound :) and thats all I care about.
I am on bedrest though with bathroom privileges. Which sucks im going crazy in this damn hospital... :(