Samba needs your assistance!! Rette Mich 1 child; Texas 27612 posts
Feb 9th '13

Yes everyone is getting this message...I just thought I'd share our messages lol

I need your assistance,
I am SAMBA SALIF from Cote dIvoire. I am 21 years old. My father was a serving director of the Cocoa Exporting Board in Abidjan until his death by the rebels in 2011 following the political uprising. Before his death he deposited some amount of money with a financial institution. The amount is to the tune of $4.5M. I have plans to do investment in your country. This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist me retrieve and claim the money for an investment, indicate your interest in replying soonest.

I am intrested where can I send money to?


Thank for your interest.Please reply to my private emaill address so that I will give you all details before anything
my private email address is I wait to read from you immediately.
Master Samba.

I would really prefer to respond on here if you dont mind. This place makes me feel sexy and thats how Im more comfortable. Im willing to send the money but do you mind if I acquired it through sex for money??

Pls I do not understand that
explain to me pls
I am glad to read from you. And will comply as to your request just be elaborated to me. I am in your starck how would you it be.I wait immediately.

Ok well what Im trying to say is Im willing to send you at least 10,000 in return for the money you are promising me. However I will have to go blow a few guys to get it and then take it up the pooper as well. Hell guys are not so impressed with mine anymore since I got a few STD's so it might take me just a little while longer.

I am happy about this and pls would want to be with me. you can send to me through this address SONIA ALAFINJA ABIDJAN and I will receive now and get me with the information so that I will pic and let you know. But where are you from?
Waiting right now.
Yours Samba.

I am expecting from you immediately pls my God will bless you if you can do this to me.

Im from PussyVille Texas. Its a great little town, it has lots of bushes and tons of people just screwing around. The smell isnt the best but its better then being the neighboring town, they are a*****es!

So you didnt really leave where I can send the money to. I want to make sure its going to get where it needs to go. If Im going to have my poop shoot open like Hotel 6 I need more info then just a name.

ok I heared of Texas and has not be there once and would appreciate if you can be the one to make me come over. Then address to where you can send me something is

Then I will receive it with the greatest happines and let you know. Then if you would help me in all, God will bless you.

Please what you can do for me I appricate. I cannot tell you that I need more that but what touches you from God to assist me, I will reward.
Waiting immediately.
God bless you.

Hmm well then can I just send $10 instead of $10,000? That will make it a lot easier on me and my poop shoot!

I appreciate anything from you sir. But at least $100 is something big for me here as I am sufering since I lost my father and stopped education. After that you help me to come to you if it is not disturb to you. I can write english and can speak well and english
I peak the two from school. If you can send as help to me $100 or more as you can, I am glad so that I will and go and pic it now.

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Feb 9th '13

Well, I'm jealous. I didnt get it :(

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Feb 9th '13

Lol, I got one not long ago but from a different name. I'm wishing I had replied now, lol.

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Feb 9th '13

Oh man - I didn't respond. :(
We should ALLLLLL respond - like in mass.