EpicThunderCat! ; 1 child; Oregon 9400 posts
Feb 8th '13

Breastflow HANDS DOWN were the best. They only cost around 5 dollars a bottle and they also prevent n****e confusion which can happen with a baby this young. Breastflow mimic the "let down" reflux. So baby does not get impatient when switching back and forth. Its epic. Loved em.

Jax 3 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 2888 posts
Feb 8th '13

I have used avent with all 3 of my kids, and have had no problems with them at all.

F♥K♥R 3 kids; Missouri 696 posts
Feb 8th '13
Quoting Marissa[+1]:" i have the calma one. the flow is too fast, and he gets mad when i try and give it to him lol"

Well fudge :) thanks for letting me know.

twingals 2 kids; Ontario 600 posts
Feb 8th '13
Quoting Marissa[+1]:" lo is 5 weeks on monday, and refuses to drink my milk from a bottle. i have a medela one, but the n****e ... [snip!] ... is too big/long. what bottle do you recommend for a newborn that has a slow flow and small n****e? i also have playtex bottles."

Mine also didn't like those Medela ones. Too bad because they were sooo expensive!! I use the Playtex VentAire ones and never had any issues. Used slow flow nipples for a long time, then moved up to medium and then fast.

'Sheri James 2 kids; Orillia, Ontario 105 posts
Feb 8th '13

Gerber Naturals - they are the most affordable ones I use and my girl doesn't mind them.
But I really enjoy the Nuk bottles as well.

CLC Due October 15; TTC since Jul 2009; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Nebraska 1741 posts
Feb 9th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Marissa[+1]:</b>" i have the vent aire ones.. i guess all babies are different. have any of you tried the simply free ones? ... [snip!] ... for the first time? me and s/o are going to dinner tomorrow night, and my mom's watching lo so i need him to take the bottle."</blockquote>

I've used te ventaire ones since DD was a preemie. I love them! My lactation consultant recommended them cause they're closest to bf. also their tongue has to go under the n****e. Try getting him to suck in your finger first then put the bottle in.