Physically exhausted Mummy-2-3-Monsters 3 kids; Seven Hills, Australia 15734 posts
Feb 7th '13

My body aches and I'm so exhausted. I just finished deep cleaning the house. We have the meet with our friend and her dogs tomorrow and we are also getting the house sprayed (we get it done every 6 months). I just want to sit and relax but I can't :( I'm waiting on a load of dishes to dry and a load of laundry to finish.

Ugh I still have to wipe down the tables too.

What are you ladies up to?

Van West Auckland, NZ, New Zealand 3298 posts
Feb 7th '13

Being lazy haha. I had a horrible nights sleep last night, DS was up and down all night because he's teething. SO let me get some extra sleep today and when I woke up he'd been grocery shopping:shock: the kids are being good doing their own thing so i'm very happy right now lol.