Toddler Knit Shawl/Adult pretty*pic* ......................... Oregon 14226 posts
Feb 7th '13

I have thoroughly impressed myself once again.

So this time, as to not encounter a problem, I matter of factly, emailed my SIL in January and told her to pick out 2 skeins of recycled lace weight yarn that could be wound together.

She picked out this coral/salmon 100% cashmere as her favorite choice.

This time I didn't give her an option for a pattern.

I found a nice pattern on ravelry, and knit a "shawlette" a mini shawl. So it would fit my niece for her 2nd birthday in March, and then momma could possibly use it as a scarf if she'd like.

And I must say, off the model, not so impressive. But my daughter sold it. I can't post it to FB because then everyone will see it and I want it to be a surprise so here it is.

So pretty.
The ends just need to be weaved in and it's finished. My daughter is a 3t/4t and my niece is about 24mo/2t, so I think it will be perfect.

existentialism 2 kids; Texas 16990 posts
Feb 7th '13

Nice job, that looks great!

r a b b i t ™ Bandle City, US, United States 27561 posts
Feb 7th '13

That is absolutely beautiful!
You are so talented! :shock:

......................... Oregon 14226 posts
Feb 7th '13
Quoting Rabbit
~~My Pet Wussy~~ 3 kids; USA 23736 posts
Feb 7th '13

That's amazing. Great work

m o m ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 7948 posts
Feb 7th '13

that is very pretty! turned out great