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Feb 7th '13

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Feb 7th '13
Quoting melindapple:" Holy wow! Idk if this has been posted or not, but I can't believe this little girl managed to drive half ... [snip!] ... her father took her home. The investigation is ongoing and it is still unknown if anyone will face charges (ABC News)."


Kids observe what we do on an everyday basis more than people realize. If you see how your parents start a car every time you leave, it's not hard to figure it out even at 6 years old.

That being said, put the keys somewhere that the kid can't get them.

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Feb 7th '13

When I was that age my mom left me in the running car and I put the car in reverse and it rolled backward into a pole lol. I have no idea how that kid drove half a mile. How did she even reach the pedals and stuff?

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Feb 7th '13

I don't think anyone should be blamed. It was an accident. Kids don't know any better. And parents can't be awake 24/7. C'mon that's unrealistic. My cousin did that same thing when he was like 2-4 idk for sure. We were all inside at te table talking and All of a sudden we heard a crash into my random as house. We all ran outside to see the truck crashed into the side of the house. He was laying on the floor by the pedals. Not hurt. He was upset and scared though. And dd is 5 and I haven't taught her how to turn on the car but she has done it. We were sitting waiting for daddy at the store and he leaves the battery running so we can listen to radio and she came and sat up from with me and before I knew it she had turned the key. Obviously I was right there do it wasn't dangerous. But just saying its not hard to do. We talk about car safety though.

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Feb 7th '13

I think the mother probably already feels awful and probably learned a Pearson about have the keys put up. No one thinks their 5 year old is going to take the car. I don't think she should be charged but take the kid tosee her daddy!