i am a shit mum ThatsAlotaNuts Australia 2597 posts
Feb 6th '13

I am at the point where I just want to walk out of this house and scream at nothing.
I know its worse because Im so tired and my hormones are running wild but I am at breaking point.
My son will not listen to ANYTHING i say yet is perfectly happy listening to every other person he f**king knows.
He flat out ignores me. He looks at me out of the corner of his eye and just keeps f**king going. I know he is only 2 but he knows what Im saying, he knows what NO means he knows what STOP means he just thinks he can get away with it.
Im mentally and physically exhausted and I dont know what to do.

Chibs 2 kids; Missouri 12147 posts
Feb 6th '13

My two year old does the same damn thing
It's mentally draining

Jessica&Rodolfo 1 child; Atlanta, Georgia 416 posts
Feb 6th '13

Don't worry, I'm the same way an I can't even blame it on pregnancy hormones. DD is always telling me no and she listens to everybody but me. I have found that getting her out and doing something helps somewhat but if I'm at home all day, it usually ends in one or both of us crying out of frustration. It helps to step back when they get like that and just take a few deep breaths. It will get better, at least that's what everyone tells me!

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
Feb 6th '13

i hear ya ...yesterday i was just so hormonal ..changing DD's diaper she kept trying to escape and run away and i just snapped...i felt bad after cause she was like omg i did something wrong ...but ugh i hate those days!!

babycakes! Due September 15; 18 kids; Orem, Utah 1952 posts
Feb 6th '13

My 2year old is the same way. It happens, and hopefully they grow out of it...