Gender reveal jen black 2 kids; California 3027 posts
Feb 6th '13

Hey ladies! I will be (hopefully) finding out the sex of my second baby next Wednesday! No one will be there with me except my daughter because everyone works. I'm alright with that, but I want to do a clever gender reveal to the hubby. I was thinking dress my daughter up in a plain white tee and use paints to write something on it to the effect of "I'm having a baby brother/sister" but I want something more clever for a saying. Any ideas are greatly accepted! Thanks!

brodyzmom Due December 18 (girl); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Huntsville, Alabama 2792 posts
Feb 6th '13

Maybe "Team Blue" or "Team Pink"...

Elena Gilbert 4 kids; La Center, KY, United States 2730 posts
Feb 6th '13

bake a cake with either pink or blue. frost it with white icing. when he cuts its he will know.