Help me feel better :( Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
Feb 6th '13

I've been in so much pain lately, especially my back and knees. My kidneys and bladder are causing me enough pain to make me pissy :( I can't pee more than twice a day and if I drink enough to be well hydrated I retain all the water and my bladder hurts even more. I was just diagnosed with Lupus by two different doctors both yesterday and today.... I'm just miserable. Anyone know how to make this better? Not just today, but forever?

My kidney is failing because of this and the fact I have kidney infections monthly and I'm suffering from kidney scarring. I'm on an antibiotic for the rest of my life to help save the rest of it, but found out today it's only functioning about 20%... and my other kidney which was just fine is now starting to act up too according to the blood work today. Still waiting on some other results which got sent out to Mayo, but I just need to feel better NOW. I have an almost 5 year old, 1.5 year old, and 7 month old...