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Feb 5th '13

I haven't been on here in forever!

Anyways, my daughter turned two in October. Ever since about July, she has been getting fevers almost every two weeks. They are high fevers, too, like 103-106. She gets no other symptoms with them at all. It's weird.

She has gone through multiple blood tests, X-rays, urine tests, and nothing has shown any reason for the fevers. She was admitted to the hospital in December a few days before Christmas for her high fevers. (It was 105 for three days and then 104 for three days) and I still got no answers. She will have the fevers for a few days to over a week and then they will go away for a little while.

She tires easily, and ever since the hospital visit in December her appetite has changed. She used to eat raw broccoli, green beans, carrots, she won't touch much food at all. Getting her to eat is a constant struggle. Some days seem to be better than others.

I noticed back in the summer she had a small lump under her collar bone. I brought it up to her pediatrician and he said it was nothing to worry about. I shrugged it off and trusted him. Her illness in December brought on more lumps in her neck. I kept an eye on them and again the doctor wasn't worried. In the beginning of January, the physicians assistant could feel her spleen a little bit. She has been complaining about her left side hurting on and off, and sometimes she is in tears.

Last week I noticed some of the lumps in her neck had gotten bigger. Some were twice the size of the original lumps. I brought it up to her doctor and again was brushed off. I decided to get a second opinion. We went today and more blood work was ordered as well as a sonogram of her abdomen.

Any idea of what could be going on? Maybe an idea of other tests I should look into? I'm worried sick. She isn't gaining weight either. In fact she has lost weight. (Roughly two pounds) I feel like I am getting nowhere and just want her to feel better!!

Sorry it's so long. Thanks in advance for reading/responding!

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Feb 5th '13

Do you know if she can sweat? This sounds similar to something I watched on tv..there was a little boy who would get really hot because his body couldn't regulate the temperature through sweating. I do not know about the lumps though. He would also get really cold though. Just a thought.

bean.dip 1 child; 3 angel babies; Assawoman, Virginia 1220 posts
Feb 5th '13

Yup. She actually just woke up covered in sweat.