birthstone necklace? username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Feb 5th '13

i want one with camerons birth stone but the only cute ones i can find you have to have multiple birth stones, but i only have one child. if you have one where did you get it?

Mandy and her girls!~ 4 kids; Illinois 13714 posts
Feb 5th '13

I got mine at Kay's Jewelers. I love it. They have a selection of every birthstone in their store with different types of jewelry. You can also go online and look. I have a necklace for my oldest and a ring for my middle. I"m wanting something for my baby but not sure what yet, and then when they are older I'm going to give them each their piece and get a ring with all of their birthstones. Sorry that was so long lol.

Lil Glo Worm 1 child; Alberta 4062 posts
Feb 5th '13

My husband got mine from a family run jeweler where we lived at the time, mind you my daughter's birth stone is a pearl so it wasn't too difficult to find something that looked nice.

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
Feb 5th '13

MIL got me one kind of like this.
But, mine is yellow gold and I have one of the little girl charms with DD's birthstone. I honestly think she may have got it from Wal-mart, but I think it's really cute.

Bow Making Mama♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 18870 posts
Mar 22nd '13

A locket from origami owl! :) You can get different charms too :) Or you could make it just to be for him like put his favorite thing(if he has a favorite sport or likes music) and then his birthstone. :) Here is my site it will ask you to create a customer account and then your designer id number please enter 11092 There are tons of pictures here too :)