High fever in 3 year old Mmmmbop. Due August 16; 3 kids; Michigan 235 posts
Feb 5th '13

My son is 3 years old and woke up 2 days ago with a high fever of 103 and I took him in to the pedi yesterday. The pedi said that it seems like the flu that's going around and his breathing is clear. When my son takes the Motrin he's like 100% and the fever is gone but tonight after not having a fever ALL day, he has his 102-103 temp but is now refusing his chewable Motrin to the point of gagging. He just says its icky and doesn't want it. He has been drinking water so he's staying hydrated and the pedi actually told me only to give Motrin for comfort not to fight the fever. My question is: if he's refusing the Motrin, should I be worried or just let his body fight the infection with the fever?? I just hate how miserable he is when he's hurting from his cough :( I'm at a loss. He says a bath hurts his body and won't get in the tub. He's never sick EVER so I've never had to fight him for medicine before :( I know this is all jumbled but I'm trying to type it all before he wakes up again.

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Feb 5th '13

After 102 they need to be at the doctor. At 103 without being controlled by Motron at all, the ER might be necessary.

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Feb 5th '13

LO just got over this, he had 103 flu and ear infection. He didn't want to take the Mortin either, I'd just use a syringe thing and hold his mouth still, as horrible as that sounds.
I know they say if they have a 103 fever for more then 2 days they should go back to the DR.

Mmmmbop. Due August 16; 3 kids; Michigan 235 posts
Feb 5th '13

I attempted once more and he started gagging. We finally got him in the tub and its gone down a bit. He's sleeping right now so I'm just going to monitor him and see how it goes. It's so weird because he literally has no other symptoms. His ears were clear, his lungs were clear, what little snot he has runs clear. I'm so over it! If his fever is bad again in the AM I'm going to call his pedi again. The pedi insisted that I not be too worried about the fever because its just his body fighting off the virus. It's just hard to ignore his obvious pain :( I wish he weren't so stubborn. Do they make motrin suppositories?