5-7dpo craving...? Mommy Pwnt Pwnt[ATES] 4 kids; Hawaii 10351 posts
Feb 5th '13

All I want is cold chicken! Well no I should say protein. I want chicken, turkey, tuna... It's crazy!

Body is lacking something maybe?

boringwife 2 kids; Huntsville, AL, United States 10951 posts
Feb 5th '13

my guess would be protein? ....

*Mommy of 6* 6 kids; 2 angel babies; Castlewood, Virginia 3449 posts
Feb 5th '13

One of my first symptoms this time was craving applebutter and biscuits SO bad! I would make homemade biscuits every morning and ear 2-3 for breakfast and lunch and usually a snack! It was crazy! I am totally over applebutter now. It makes me Gag to even think about it. Lol.