TV Overhaul, Week 1 Pinkie Pie Washington 603 posts
Feb 4th '13

We have and always have had just one TV in the family room for all the younger kids, from 3 to 9 years, to watch (older kids watch stuff upstairs on their own). The old rule was that if they couldn't agree on what to watch, nobody watches anything. For weeks they'd been fighting about it constantly and we'd had enough.

So we simply moved it out for 2 weeks. 2 weeks of no TV did WONDERS in our house for the fighting situation. But, in the interest of not being "the weird house," maintaining our sanity, allowing "normal" kid experiences in an already abnormal enough house, and of not making it a forbidden fruit thing, we brought it back a week ago. Just with some big tweaks.

No Nickelodeon. No Disney channel. No bratty tween shows. No reality TV. The only channels we have unblocked now are PBS and affiliate stations, Nat Geo Wild, Science Channel and Animal Planet.

They can request certain cartoons from Netflix if they want to watch it on the computer or iPad, but that's pretty limited.

And so far? It's working. There's not been a single fight this week over TV. Where a simple hour of TV used to be marked by whining, bickering, and DH and I having to set up a schedule of who gets to watch what, now it's marked by kids hanging out together watching good, quality, educational TV, or simply drifting out of the room or ignoring it if they don't care for what's on.

Another unforeseen benefit of limiting the TV to educational (or at least semi-educational, we're watching Finding Bigfoot now, after all) programs is that my older kids are participating more downstairs, whereas when it was often little kid cartoons or bratty tween shows, they often didn't want to be downstairs. Now they all watch things together. The older kids explain and elaborate on topics for the younger kids. We have great family discussions around programs they watch.

I'm liking our massive TV overhaul so far :D

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Feb 4th '13

We don't do TV at all, we two that on occasion use for a movie I guess. I love life without TV.

motherofboys 3 kids; Milton-Freewater, Oregon 2263 posts
Feb 4th '13

We only have antennae so cartoons only play at certain times of the day so that makes it really easy to limit tv time. I only watch tv at night when SO turns it on. I probably would almost never turn the tv on if he was gone, lol.

Madame Joy Colorado 69 posts
Feb 5th '13

I think if it weren't for my husband I wouldn't have a TV at all. We don' have cable, so only watch DVDs. But YouTube has now found its way into our home. Wish I could get rid of it all!