How would you feel? ~Cullen & Ridley's Mommy~ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Missouri 18928 posts
Feb 4th '13

If you found out your doctor had posted things about a patient of theirs (not using names) negatively?

My OB/Gyn is currently being attacked by local news media and her job is on the line for things that she posted on FB. She never uses names, but she is very specific in the details that she gives.


According to other people on FB she has been doing this for a while, even going as far as mocking a stillbirth a woman had.

Do you think that she should lose her job for this? If this was your doctor would you still continue to see her?

user banned TTC since Apr 2014; 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15320 posts
Feb 4th '13

She's human. I like her. One of her friends is a big sack of douche though.

Mrs. Conan O'Brien 3 kids; Colorado 21082 posts
Feb 4th '13

I don't see what is so bad about those posts? I'm wondering why a woman would be 3 hours late to an induction as well :?

I wouldn't have her as my doctor, but only because I have a midwife.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Feb 4th '13

From just that, no she should not loose her job. People vent all the time about their jobs, it's not always in good taste but nothing to lose a job over.

user banned 2 kids; Hamilton, Ontario 19220 posts
Feb 4th '13

Extremely unprofessional IMO.

In all my years of police dispatch I NEVER wrote on line about anything we delt with.......good way to lose a job.

lovinthem04 Due June 26 (boy); 19 kids; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 1999 posts
Feb 4th '13

Eh I think it's distasteful. I wouldn't want my Dr to behave that way.

Heather ♥ Due November 13; 4 kids; 3 angel babies; Key Largo, FL, United States 2445 posts
Feb 4th '13

i don't see why she should get her license pulled. she isn't mentioning names and i am pretty sure she is human; she is allowed to complain.

bloopbloop♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Illinois 14726 posts
Feb 4th '13

I don't see the issue. She looks like an ass and many people b***h and moan all day about their job. Maybe it isn't professional but most people aren't.

Mummy-2-3-Monsters 3 kids; Seven Hills, Australia 15734 posts
Feb 4th '13

I find that to be very rude. I wouldn't want her as my doctor.

MamaCass{+JOEW} 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 42368 posts
Feb 4th '13

Maybe not extremely professional, but not worthy of getting fired or sued, IMO.

Also, it seems like most of her friends are also docs/nurses, so it's no different then water cooler chat, really.

Stfu Squirrel District of Columbia 8560 posts
Feb 4th '13

Incredibly unprofessional and very bad judgment.

I am all for freedom of speech, and as long as she's a good doctor then no, she shouldn't lose her job over it, but she shouldn't be complaining about her patients (ok, clients) in public. Filter that shit, dumdum.

Man in stockings Due November 18 (boy); 1 child; Southern, IL, United States 4031 posts
Feb 4th '13

I don't think she is mocking the stillbirth, I think she just made a very obvious statement that that woman had a prior stillbirth and still has the balls to be 3 hours late.

No I don't think she should loose her job, I wouldn't go to her in fear she might say something about me. Bc you know she says stuff (like all docs) on their office to the nurses or other docs. And then when they see me they might think neg. things about me like the doc does.

Mama Charli Due August 8; 6 kids; Texas 6387 posts
Feb 4th '13
Quoting A Beautiful Disaster:" Extremely unprofessional IMO. In all my years of police dispatch I NEVER wrote on line about anything we delt with.......good way to lose a job. "

I dont wanna chat in this thread, but can I PM you about your job?

I don't think she should loose her job. She's venting like others do...She said no ones name and she was irritated...understandable. Should she have posted it on facebook about the other person? No..But its nothing to loose a job over

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
Feb 4th '13

I think it's inappropriate. It's inappropriate to bring your work onto facebook no matter where you work. And is a fireable offense for many employers. Period. No questions asked.

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Feb 4th '13

Mocking a still birth is 100% unacceptable.