Place names? N's Momma☆ 1 child; Spain 2346 posts
Feb 4th '13

What do you ladies think of place names? Like London, Ireland, Scotland, etc? Yay or nay?

user banned (boy); 2 kids; f**king, Austria 36337 posts
Feb 4th '13

I like them. Not for my kids though.

Cairo's ♥ Mom Due September 30; 1 child; Malibu, California 51 posts
Feb 4th '13

My daughters name is Cairo.. So yay!

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Feb 4th '13

some are okay...

i have a friend who named her little boy Boston

i just personally wouldnt name my child after any location

~~My Pet Wussy~~ 3 kids; USA 23736 posts
Feb 4th '13



LA REINA™ New York, NY, United States 16690 posts
Feb 4th '13

I like some and some I think are overused or just don't sound like a person.

Bella_Chelle 1 child; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 5419 posts
Feb 4th '13

No... ew

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
Feb 4th '13

Generally not a fan. I'd possibly use one for a pet though.

4 boys :) Due October 5 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; keystone heights, FL, United States 1005 posts
Feb 4th '13

I had two ex boyfriends named after places when i was in Hs.. (dear god that was ages ago hahaha.) one was london, the other was dallas.. a friend of mine named her son camden, which is a town in Nc. there are a lot of people with name places that don't even realize that it's a town or county somewhere.

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36617 posts
Feb 5th '13

I don't like place names like Lexington or Scotland that have absolutely no meaning and were not intended to be used as names.
But Aurora? Orlando? Alexandria? Charlotte? Those were names with meaning long before it was a known as a "place" name. Both my children have "place" names, but they also have meaning and history.

The Tsukuno family 1 child; Beachwood, Ohio 596 posts
Feb 5th '13

It's kinda crappy having a place name. I'm dallas and I got shit my whole life for it. Same goes for Austin, Russia, china which are all people I have known. Idk sometimes I don't get ppls name choices.