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Feb 4th '13

Gestational diabetes class

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Hi Mommas,
So I was expecting call from my hosp, kaiser, they said I need to take a group class, i want to know what exactly it would be like? i am little concerned cuz the diet they give will not be according to each individual sugar levels and their health. Can someone show throw some light on this?

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Feb 4th '13

It is spamming if you post and re post so soon.
They will probably give you the basics on managing gestational diabetes.
Low carb, possibly talk about insulin since that can be a possibility with GD also.

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Feb 4th '13

I just had to do it to they tell you what to stay away from and what not to eat how many carbs your supposed to have each meal they teach you how to test your blood and how to count carbs depending on how high your levels are they won't put you straight on insulin first they try to control it with diet if that don't work they try medication if that don't work then they will give you insulin.., good luck

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Feb 4th '13

They will tell you the basics of gestational diabetes, including carbohydrate information, testing your blood sugars and eating throughout the day. You should eat about 6 small meals per day instead of 3 big meals so your body can manage the carbohydrate easier. If you are having trouble keeping your blood sugars under control - they should give you guidelines in the class for your numbers and when to test - write down your foods that you eat and the amounts, then when you see the dietitian they can help you with changes you might need to make. And you should try to take a short walk after meals, it really seemed to help me.