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Feb 4th '13
Quoting That one chick.:" They'll acknowledge us as just being roommates? I would hope so, that would help! Yeah, they sound they can help a lot!"

Yes. We lived with my grandma and paid half the rent, so she wrote us a statement on a piece of paper for our food stamps and it counted. So, I just took my food stamp papers and it automatically applied for WIC and I was accepted.

mamaof2two!! Due December 9; 1 child; k, ND, United States 66 posts
Feb 4th '13
Quoting That one chick.:" That's why I asked because after I lost my job I tried to get food stamps but they wanted to know how much my mom had in her savings."

I don't know how it is in your state, but if you list yourself as a boarder on food stamps they normally don't really pay attention to anyone elses stuff so much. I live with my mom and they gave me no issues they told me to just list as a boarder.
WIC is kinda the same way and make sure you have proof of your due date. List yourself for food stamps as an expecting mother and that your not working.