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Feb 3rd '13
Quoting Megarielle:" Thank you. :)"

you're welcome :wink:

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Feb 3rd '13
Quoting Megarielle:" I think the issue for me is that I kept saying over and over how I agreed with the swing/bouncer thing ... [snip!] ... is another excuse. This post wasn't meant as a sequel to the other. I was trying to write things out. There really is no haven."

I think the swing bouncer thing you may have taken somewhat out of context. Some of us were discussing things asside from that issue but involving swings and bouncers and our own experiences. And I think you might have thought we were saying things directed at you, which, I can at least speak for myself and say I wasn't.

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Feb 4th '13

god i know exactly what you are thinking! i didnt conceive my child the way you did so forgive me for not being able to connect on that level.

some times when i do something for myself or i feed her something unconventional like green beans for breakfast hey she loves them =) i feel like a shitty mother. ive been struggling with these feelings for a while now. sometimes i feel disconnected with her. she is teething and there are times where i have no clue what to do to help her. other times i feel like she is the only person in the whole world that truly understands me and loves me for me. im terrified that she will be on the spectrum like me and her father but at other times im terrified she will be normal. ive never been able to connect with someone that was normal. what if i let her down or she thinks im some freak that brings halloween cookies to her xmas party at school. im worried that she wont get me when she is older. im worried that im doing the right thing by her.

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Feb 4th '13
Quoting I'm His Amy He's My Rory:" I don't know anyone in that thread that called you a horrible mom. It was said that you should step up ... [snip!] ... you seemed to make excuses. Again NO ONE said you were a bad mom, just that a few things you should be more strict in."

:!: :?