vomiting, diarrhea, no Jennay. 4 kids; Kansas 5222 posts
Feb 3rd '13

I have been having vomiting and diarrhea for the past 6 hours. I don't have a fever. I actually feel ok except that my insides are all torn up. I tried to drink some water awhile ago, but then puked that up. What can I do since I can't keep anything down, but I really don't want to get dehydrated? This isn't the beginning of the flu, is it?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Feb 3rd '13

Try gingeale or 7up/sprite. In very small sips like a teaspoon every 10-15 minutes. Once you can keep liquids down try the BRAT diet.

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Feb 3rd '13

put dry sugar in your mouth too & if you have lemons or citrus, mix the sugar with a tiny amount of straight it's like a paste. After you empty the stomach it contracts from the lack of acids & sugars. So if you take TINY amounts of that (tiny tiny) & chew ice pieces, it helps to be able to actually then move on to drinking something.