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Feb 6th '13
Quoting SherryandMatt:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Katie & Clay's Mommy!:</b>" I know the feeling. And yea i did ... [snip!] ... way the levels will have gone up or down by Friday so I'll take a digital. What a roller coaster. Keep me posted onyou !!"

Oh ok I gotcha. I hope your digi says positive as well. I will keep you posted. I was supposed to call my doc today to see about an appointment but I forgot since I was busy doing homework. I will call tomorrow morning before going in to work. I starting temping this cycle too. I want to see if I get get 3 consecutive months of charted ovulation. This way I'll know for sure I'm ovulating since I really said I did not want to get preggo right now. So we shall see what happens but I'm still going to the doctor.