Cramping during 2WW? Zombie Mom ✄ 1 child; Washington 13824 posts
Feb 2nd '13

We wern't TTC but we had an oopsie on ovulation day, we wanted another one anyways just not this soon..Anyways, I always have light cramps the day of ovulation, but it only lasts a couple hours. But ovulation was 3 days ago and I'm still having light cramps. A google search scared me into thinking it's going to turn into an ectopic pregnancy...

So I was just wondering if anyone had cramps during there 2 week wait before there missed period.. and had a normal pregnancy?

UhmAmber 1 child; Texas 2415 posts
Feb 2nd '13

my main sign that I was pregnant was that I had cramps longer than just one day. I had them until I was about 14 weeks, actually.
not ectopic! :D
I'm sure it's nothing to stress about. :)

** 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Conway, Arkansas 3579 posts
Feb 3rd '13

On 4 dpoish I had cramps for several days..I just ended up pregnant..not an ectopic far normal pregnancy, I got to see baby twice