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Feb 2nd '13

Okay. I've had losses before but one was a few years ago and I don't remember every single detail before the night it actually happened and my last one this didn't happen.

I'm 7 weeks, and have been bleeding off and on for 2 weeks. It's gotten a little worse each time I've started bleeding again and the cramping has gotten worse as well. I remember it doing that with my first loss, but this time I can't seem to stay off the toilet. I woke up this morning cause I needed to poop (lovely, huh :lol: ) and since then (only about an hour and a half ago) I've gone 7 times. And each time it just gets more watery (there's the TMI part... kinda...)

No one around me has had a stomach bug. I haven't ate anything different. My morning sickness has gotten a little bit better, to where I'm not getting sick as much, but it's still fairly bad.

I'll go to the bathroom, and then within 5 minutes of me getting done, I have to go back.

I guess my question is... if you have had a loss early on, have you done this? I had stopped bleeding for a few days and then it picked back up again yesterday.