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    • My happiness is more important -- Votes: 8
    • The happiness of my SO/Friends/Family is more important -- Votes: 23
Happiness Monkey Nuts Australia 4572 posts
Feb 1st '13

So i've been thinking about happiness and i've included a poll.
I guess this specially more talks about your relationships with your SO, family and friends. Not so much you're kids because I would assume that most people place the happiness of there children above most things.

But to you what do you find more important overall, your own happiness or those of your SO, family and friends.

As an example, your friend is very upset and needs to talk to you. But your with your SO and although they won't be upset if you talk to you're friend. It may cause tension which would make you unhappy.
Do you talk to your friend and comfort them, or do you ignore your friend at the risk of causing friction and you're own unhappiness?

What's wrong, flat face? TTC since Jul 2012; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Texas 13678 posts
Feb 1st '13

Your happiness needs to be put first because if you are not happy then your family won't be happy.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
Feb 1st '13

For me it is my kids, DH, myself, my close family, then friends.

Secret Service Texas 792 posts
Feb 1st '13

I know we have to create our own happiness but I cant be happy if everyone that makes me happy is not.

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
Feb 1st '13

well i'm a little bit confused because i believe it is important to put your happiness first so that you can be helpful to others but if a friend or SO needed to unload their day and talk to me or needed help that might put me out I would totally do it.
that's a temporary discomfort (not really but just for the point) not my actual happiness being affected.

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
Feb 1st '13

the one exception to this is my daughter.
it's impossible for me to put myself ahead of her.


Dovahkiin 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 16776 posts
Feb 1st '13

The happiness of my loved ones comes first. I come second.

marcus&tristyn♥ Due June 13; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Wisconsin 98 posts
Feb 1st '13
Quoting Soon 2B Mom of 2:" For me it is my kids, DH, myself, my close family, then friends."


LumpySpacePrincess 2 kids; New Zealand 17060 posts
Feb 2nd '13

I put everyone before myself. But I probably shouldn't