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Feb 1st '13
Quoting The Andromeda Strain:" I was going to post this under BG Secrets, but as much as I'm ashamed by this, I know there has to be ... [snip!] ... and TIA for any advice... Before anyone says this, I can't seek therapy right now. I would really like to, but I just can't."

As someone else said, a journal helps. I can write things I HATE to admit, but it helps me "let go" of it. I have a journal on livejournal, if you ever want to join up as friends on there let me know :) A lot of my stuff lately is private, but I have a fair amount of friends posts :)

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Feb 1st '13

OP, do you go to college?

my school offers free counseling sessions to students.

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Feb 1st '13

Oh hunny... I wish you would tell me these things. I have felt like this for so long. I'm not going to go into it in your thread but like I've said before, anytime you need to talk, I'm always here. And you have my number! You can call/text me anytime you need to talk.


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Feb 1st '13
Quoting Captain Obvious:" OP, do you go to college? my school offers free counseling sessions to students."

My local community college finally has a complete online campus, so I finally start back in the Summer term. I'm pretty sure they don't have that option mom worked there and I never heard of anything like this being offered.

A quick view into why I can't get a doctor atm:

I was on my mom's insurance (only 21). She had a massive stroke and is in the process of getting on disability. She'll be on government insurance and her FIMLA runs out sometime this week, so I won't have enough time to even make an appointment, let alone get legitimate help.

As much as I hate to say it, I'll probably try to apply for state assistance with health insurance once that happens. Japan 1 posts
Oct 20th '13

I can't believe how much your story describes my life....

I have 2 girls. My first was my world. Although I was struggling, and could barely afford diapers, I found myself vulnerable having her, and easily fell for the POS that swore he was going to be there... I'm an idiot. Got knocked up again, but things were a 180 from the 1st time. I didn't want another. Couldn't deal with just the thought of having one more diaper-EVER! I was worse off emotionally AND financially, and had so many sleepless nights, that the Dr. Put me on Prozac. I was on it my entire pregnancy. I knew it was going to be almost impossible to raise another child with no money, and wow I was right. I remember stressing over how stressed I was going to be! I think my mind became so Ill with worry it causefpermanent damage. When my youngest was , I had no attachment to her at all. In fact it was the opposite. I resented her. DJTwas Dec 2010. She turns 3 this year, and its only been in the last 2 months that something inside me just 'clicked'.