Metformin for pcos Mrs Kelly Kel Due August 25 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Grand Prairie, Texas 519 posts
Feb 1st '13

I started Metformin yesterday.

I was diagnosed with pcos. I had both ovaries looked at and only one has a mild case of pcos and the other one is completely fine. Been TTC since oct15th when I had the mirena removed!

I wonder will the metformin help me have a cyle and ovulate and actually loose weight and get pregnant. lol Hey... one can only hope for a miracal. I didnt have this problem with my daughter 3 years ago. I was 40lbs lighter but I blaim a lot of the weight on the devil-ish MIRENA! I truly hate the mirena. I got it out Oct 15th. I have had spotting a few days in oct and some in dec but no real cycle and nothing in Jan. Who knows if im even ovulating. Hopefully the metformin works!

Any stories about pcos or metformin you want to share?

Thanks ladies