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Feb 1st '13

So ladies most of you have seen my last post of when I went in and had to have my labor stopped even earlier than with my son....I swear I am taking it very easy this time around even more than I usually try my house looks a mess but thankfully my dogs are a help anyway on to my point and kinda question
I had magnesiem used to stop my labor it worked well and I had it used during my csection so it wasnt too scary dealing with the side effects but I had never been able to get a dr. to stop my labor with my son I had to do it all by myself and thank god with him my cervix never moved and things worked out with him this baby is different every contraction makes her heart rate drop or stop and it takes a min to come back I watched her die eight times and come back thank god each time it still makes me cry seeing that because just like with my son I had been having contractions for a month but I didnt think it was dr. worthy because with my son they told me to suck it up but this time thank god its different they said when they stopped my labor that things could start back up and I am wondering how many times can they stop my labor what else can they use and is it ok to keep using the mag? I am not comfortable constantly putting that in mine and my babys body not that I want another preemie because I just dont think this baby is like my son who is such a strong fighter and well I just dont think if she came early like him she would do so well but hey thats the point right finding a balance I keep trying to scurry around my house I will feel a twinge even scared its a contraction and now they are coming back and I flinch literally every time so scared of the back pain I had this time and wondering if with each one is it hurting my baby and scared what if she doesent come back and just this constant fear I saw the lion king movie the other day where simon does the scurry sniff flinch song and I realized thats what I look like and I need to just be calm as I can and try to be aware of things but can you ladies validate these meds and their success or mabe other meds or options to try out that could just be something for me to think I knew this kid would come early just didnt think this early in the game and I would have more time to get the basics like a bed and carseat....guess who has to cross her legs and go shopping this weekend