This mama needs a break! Annette Topham 5 kids; Utah 637 posts
Feb 1st '13

Ive been up for 2 days with my infant who only sleeps but in my arms because he has serious health issues. My step kids brought the stomach flu into the house and i have been cleaning up after that. Each day we have been getting a pile of snow so i have to shovel. My husband works nights and on his day off he happens to be sick with the flu too. My husband cant do a lot of heavy lifting due to degenerative back disease and arthritis. So leave it up to me to take care of 7 kids and a 5 bedroom house on my own. Im so worn out and so tired. I am still trying to recover from after birth too with my iron being so low still even after 3 months. I also go back to school in 2 weeks :/.. How do woman do it all!!!

✨Kati✨ Due May 20; 1 child; Memphis, TN, United States 3268 posts
Feb 1st '13

wow i hope you get some rest soon. :(

Tay L 1 child; St Paul, Minnesota 719 posts
Feb 1st '13

Have any family or friends that can help? Can you hire someone? (A friend of mine, her family hired a cleaning lady. She said they pay $30.)

Barbie is a Tia Florida 11431 posts
Feb 1st '13
Quoting κατι:" wow i hope you get some rest soon. :("