hairy!! Monika A. Due May 9; Kent, Washington 46 posts
Jan 31st '13

Has anyone expirenced a hairy belly durong pregnancy?

Emmy's Mom 1 child; Indiana 1831 posts
Jan 31st '13

I did, it was awful :(

So far it's kind if stuck around too

Leash25 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1595 posts
Jan 31st '13

yup! everything got very hairy during my pregnancy!

Monika A. Due May 9; Kent, Washington 46 posts
Jan 31st '13

Yikes! Hopefully it doesnt stick around.. iv never been a hairy person. But for some odd reason iv become a beast.. lol hairy all over..

Wendy Leavitt Due May 15; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Brigham City, Utah 164 posts
Jan 31st '13

I got a patch that ran from my pubic area to my belly button with my first. It never went away. Didnt notice anything with my second. And with this one I think Im turning into a Sasquatch. My leg and lip hair are growing like mad. SO likes to tickle my lip hair, says its getting as long as his. The patch between pubs and bb has gotten longer and darker. And Ive noticed a light fuze all over my whole belly. Oh, and then there is the patch that my SO says I now have on my lower back that wasnt there before. I hope it all goes away after I have her.

Jenna Rae 2 kids; Wisconsin 607 posts
Jan 31st '13

Yeah, my belly got a little hairier.