Strengthening a weak suck? Commander Shepard TTC since Aug 2016; 2 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 6447 posts
Jan 31st '13

DS has a weak suck according to our lactation consultant. We've got our latch down but he can't really get any milk out. We have been finger feeding with pumped milk at her and the pedi's recommendation because he was losing a lot of weight. They said we could probably just go ahead and introduce pumped milk in a bottle. I'm not ready to give in though. Any tips on helping him on the b**b so we can quit the finger feeding altogether?

My♥Maja&Livija Due March 1; 2 kids; Santa Cruz, California 27348 posts
Jan 31st '13

Did your LC instruct you on tongue exercises? You use your finger and press down on the tongue. Also if you need to bottle feed to it slow and make him work for it. Use slow flow nipples, put the n****e in the same way you would your breast press down on the tongue, let him suck a few times, remove and repeat.

Booger & Bubba's Mommy 18 kids; Illinois 8136 posts
Jan 31st '13

Can you get & use a SNS & use your pumped milk that way.