10 month old diet ***KELLZ*** 1 child; Brooklyn, New York 608 posts
Jan 31st '13

Maya daughter is 10 months and I don't give her baby food everyday. She really just likes her formula. She drinks her formula (similar advance) with either oatmeal or rice. I make oatmeal for her in the morning which she eats. I offer her the baby food but she won't eat all of it. She weighs 17 pounds. Is it okay for her diet to be predominantly formula? She is very active, smart, advanced. I just think she is a little small..

melindapple 1 child; Michigan 5425 posts
Jan 31st '13

yes, baby food under one year is just for fun.

Elleandcole Due October 9; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 32682 posts
status Jan 31st '13

Sounds fine, dd is 15 months and still doesn't eat very much. She stills gets most of her nutrition via breast milk

Jennasmommy:) 1 child; Selma, North Carolina 635 posts
Jan 31st '13

My almost ten month old refuses baby food and only eats solids. But as long as shes eating some baby food and is drinking her formula she should be fine. The formula has most of her nutrients that she needs until she is a year old. But I would talk to a pediatrician about it also to make sure!

LacyS 3 kids; Jacksonville, North Carolina 431 posts
Jan 31st '13

None of my children were like that by ten months they are on solids and turn baby food down.i however do give bottles and sippy cups to equal around 32 oz a day.i guess it just depends on the kid