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Feb 3rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Starr Metcalfe:</b>" What would these silly people do if you spontaneously went into labor and had your baby on a day that ... [snip!] ... it on the day you want and whoever really wants to be there, will be there regardless of what plans they had already made."</blockquote>

No one wants to 'be there' necessarily. It's all about everyone else on a day that people have things going on. I made it clear the only ones in the room will be DH, my mom (maybe since she's an hour away and wheelchair bound) and my doctor/nurses. I don't want everyone and their brother looking at my lady bits.
I also already made it clear that no one will be hanging out in the waiting room waiting for this baby to be here. I want the first few hours to be just DH and I with DS. Then my parents (or dad, depending on if my mom is there) are bringing DD to meet her brother and obviously since they are watching DD, they get to meet him first. Then IMMEDIATE family only. So MIL, DHs step dad (who I consider my FIL), his dad and evil step mother with their two kids, and my SIL & BIL.
Oh and if I have him on a day that my cousin is here bisecting I want her there for sure.but we're still not sure when we're going to have him, so we're not sure about her being there or not.
I don't want everyone in my room since its only going to be a 24 hour stay if all goes well. I don't even want the grand parents (DHs grand parents) to visit. I want it to be "our" time. Ya know?