Eating rant... ~Valentines mommy~ Due August 7; 1 child; Lakeside, California 1091 posts
Jan 30th '13

Im 13 weeks pregnant, and before i found out i was expecting, I went very healthy in terms of eating, losing thirty pounds. But lately I have not been Eating very healthy at all. I just cannot get myself to eat a lot of the healthy foods I was eating before and feel like a complete failure. I weighed 178 about 4 days ago and today I am at 181. They only want me to gain 11-15 lbs. I am super stressed about this and feel as though I am not only letting down my expectations for my body but also failing my baby. UGHHH!

Summer+[two] 2 kids; Louisiana 727 posts
Jan 30th '13

eh, i weighed 175 pre pregnancy and got to like 205 when i had him. my doctor wasnt worried. i wouldnt stress too much.