Has anyone had this issue TaeganElise35wks1day Due September 25 (girl); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Atlanta, Georgia 1864 posts
Jan 30th '13

Well my cycles haven't been majorly outta wack, but In December my cycle came on like 2-3 days late, then I started my period again on New Years Eve but then I started my period again on 28th. I was scheduled to go to and OBGYN appointment to have my annual done yesterday but my period showed the day before. The only abnormal thing is the fact that they are so close. Its like im having two periods a month and I know this has got to have my ovulation outta wack ( if I am ovulating ) I would have talked to the doctor about it all but of course I had to reschedule but they can't get me in until the 19th of Feb.

Has anyone experienced this issue?
I have never considered myself irregular, but now im thinking different!

usernametx Texas 19751 posts
Jan 30th '13

2-3 days late and then a perfect 28 day cycle? sounds pretty normal ime