First Birthday Gift ArmyWife2000 2 kids; Miami, FL, United States 1702 posts
Jan 29th '13

What did you/are you getting your son/daughter for their first birthday?

For my daughter (Who is 7 years old now) I gave her a fancy wagon (Which we still have and it is in good shape so I don't want another one when we have a perfectly good one we can use) plus her big party so for my son I am throwing the same big party but I can not find anything I like for a gift :? so I thought I would ask some other mamas what they have done/plan to do for their little ones first birthday gifts because I need some ideas!!!

None ya ;) 2 kids; Pennsylvania 10818 posts
Jan 29th '13

Eh, I'm not one of those that gets wrapped up in first bdays. Their dad was deployed for each of their 1st's so I wasn't into it. I just got them toys just to have something to open.