yoga *~*allykat*~* 1 child; Washington 891 posts
Jan 28th '13

Who all on here does yoga? Does it help with weight loss? Do you follow a dvd, watch you tube, go by pictures, or go to classes? I did yoga once forever ago and loved it, but i can't afford classes and don't have any idea how to go about doing it without going to a class. But if yoga helps with losing weight i might be willing to spend a little money on some dvds. I'm doing pretty good at keeping my calories in check with my fitness pal, but I'm not losing.. I want to do zumba, but i can't afford those classes either, and i have it for the Wii but the Wii is in the living room and I'm never alone long enough to do it... I'm a bridesmaid in July for a friends wedding and it's creeping up fast. I would really really really like to lose at least 50 pounds. There's going to be almost everyone from my graduating class there and i don't want to see any of them, especially not at 260 pounds..

Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7403 posts
Jan 28th '13

I do yoga! You can see pictures of me doing yoga on my profile (they're a little over a year old).

Classes are expensive, but I always suggest them because it's better to get a hands-on experience when you're first starting, so you can learn proper techniques and receive proper guidance until you really learn the poses. But like I said, they are expensive. As far as Youtube videos go, I would suggest:
(any of her yogatic channel--this just happens to be a beginner flow video)

They're the best quality that I've come across on there.

As far as yoga DVD's, I would suggest this: