How many fingers are you? user banned
Jan 28th '13

Today is my son's fourth birthday. He can not say three. He says the word "free" but never in counting. Its "1, 2, 5, 6, seben, eight/nine, ten, 42" For him three = five.

Before today he never answered how old he is. Not that I can recall anyway.

He was on the phone with his grandma and he told her " I three" :shock: :shock: Clear as day.

Today his grandpa was babysitting him while I birthday shopped. Apparently they were working on how old he is.

My dad: Holds up four fingers. You're FOUR today!
DS: I five. Open your finger! I five!

^ That happened two or three times.


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Jan 28th '13

Awwwwww! Lottle kids are so freaking cute! Lol.

Mamaof2boys• 2 kids; Douglas, Ga, Georgia 760 posts
Jan 28th '13

Sos Neice will be 3 in may and no matter how many times you ask her she says she's 8 lol