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Jan 29th '13

I went there a few weeks ago to pick out a dress. I'm getting married in August. The girl I had was very nice, asking how my fiance proposed and everything. I was there for about an hour and a half and tried on 5 dresses and decided on the 5th one. I wanted one of the $99 dresses but told her I would go as high as $300. The dress she found me was simple but allowed a colored sash to be put on it, which is what sold it for me. It was a $422 dress. She brought me a slip and a corset to wear with it also. They do tend to be working with 2 brides at a time so they do come and go a lot, which didn't bother me. My dress had to be ordered in white (the one I tried on was off white) and it had to have a pink sash ordered as well. It should be in in March, and then alterations in June. I am very short so I'm assuming it will need to be hemmed. But I had a pleasant experience with mine and so did my bridesmaids. Here is my dress:
only in white with a bright pink sash
and my shoes:

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Jan 29th '13
Quoting Iyahna :^P:" I'm getting married March 9th 2013.David's bridal is the only bridal shop around.i read mixed reviews ... [snip!] ... dresses 1000+.My question is how was your personal experience with them? A.d how long did it take for your appointment.thanks."

I'm getting married on March 9th too!:D
I bought my dress at davids bridal and it was fantastic experiance, they let me try on tons of dresses and i found the most beautiful one<3
and my bridesmaids got their dresses there too. The people were really friendly and helpful:)