Kismet Due May 30 (boy); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Florida 1201 posts
Jan 27th '13

38 weeks 2 days

shay +3 TTC since Apr 2017; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Utah 449 posts
Jan 27th '13

40+2 with my first (dd) and 40+3 with my second (ds), but his pediatrician said he looked closer to 42.

ashley noel [gav's here!] 2 kids; Rhode Island 6374 posts
Jan 27th '13

39w4d and 39w5d

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
Jan 27th '13

40 weeks and 2 days. The last 2 days were all labor lol

Jamie Vincent-Nead 4 kids; Altoona, Pennsylvania 263 posts
Jan 27th '13

#1-40 wks 1 day

#2-39 wks 6 days

#3-39 wks 1 day

Mommy2twinz 2 kids; Ferguson, North Carolina 122 posts
Jan 27th '13

I had a c-section at 38 weeks 6 days with my twins due to pre-e

Ashleigh Renee K Due August 3; 3 kids; Everett, Washington 92 posts
Jan 27th '13

37 weeks
39 wks 6 days
40 wks 2 days

I AM TRON 17 kids; Illinois 1482 posts
Jan 27th '13

42 weeks and had to be induced because I wasn't even starting to soften, but LO was running out of room. I had a really good L & D though!

Spider_Monkey 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 628 posts
Jan 27th '13

i was 40 weeks and 4 days

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
Jan 27th '13
Quoting Jesseca Ann Wilfong:" Okay, I am 37 weeks and I am anticipating this baby so so much. I just want him here. I just want to know about how far along were you ladies when you gave birth to your little one."

38 weeks 5 days. but i was induced.

Jesseca Ann Wilfong Due February 16; Portland, Oregon 24 posts
Jan 27th '13

I know it is so horrible the last few weeks. I just want him here already but I know it is gonna be worth it. I just want him here already. I hope he comes soon. But I also know the longer he is in the womb the healthier he becomes and stronger. I just want him here. Thanks I couldn't imagine being over due omg.

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
Jan 27th '13

36+2 with my first.

36+3 with my second.

VaniCortez 1 child; Gervais, Oregon 96 posts
Jan 27th '13

39 weeks and 5days

I had a BabyBumpBelly 1 child; American Fork, Utah 34389 posts
Jan 27th '13

37 weeks 2 days. I had Pre e and high liver enzymes.

~Mommyof3girls1boy~ Due October 5 (boy); 3 kids; Ohio 2686 posts
Jan 27th '13

#1 39 weeks 5 days (induced ended in emergency c-section)
#2 38 weeks 2 days (scheduled c-section)
#3 39 weeks 6 days (scheduled c-section)

The last few weeks are the roughest but you should let baby come when he/she is ready.