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Jan 27th '13

So friday was a week since this all started(well not the runny poops those started a few days before) my son started coughing at night. then by last monday he was coughing alot and had a fever of up to 103.5. I took him to the doctor and she was all its prob just teething but that it could be a little upper respitory viral infection. This was not his normal doctor because she was out of town. Anyways she said he didnt need any meds just to give him tylonal or advil and that if it get worse of the fever gets any higher to come back. well that day(tuesday) his fever was at 103.8. but the tylonal helped bring it down to 101-102 so my mom who is a nurse and a mom of 4 said just to wait either till his doctor was back or if it gets worse to take him in. well the fever has been gone for 3-4days. but this cough seems to be gettng worse. and the runy poops will seem like they are getting beter then bam its back worse. anyone know what might be going on?or what I could ask his doctor about when we go back?