Pregnant with iud Courtney +3 Due June 6 (girl); TTC since Dec 2013; 2 kids; tracy, ca, United States 6929 posts
Jan 27th '13

I have had the paraguard in since April and my period has came every month the last 2 weeks and heavy and this month it hasn't came I tested yesterday and it was negative but I think it might be a little to early how common is pregnancy with paraguard and I heard a lot of bad risks come with a pregnancy with paraguard

user banned TTC since Apr 2014; 2 kids; Middelfart, Denmark 15320 posts
Jan 27th '13

Extremely uncommon.

castaway 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 20306 posts
Jan 27th '13

It's not super common, but more common than you'd think.

I had an egg fertilize and implant outside of my uterus and turn into a giant tumor with my Paragard. Even less common than a regular pregnancy on paragard, but it does happen.

There are a couple mommas here who had Paragard pregnancies. I really wouldn't freak out, but if you start cramping badly or your period doesn't come in a couple weeks, get checked out for sure.

DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, CA, United States 8830 posts
Jan 27th '13

I got pregnant with mirena...

I know its not the same type of iud... but all birth control *can* fail... sucks... when are u supposed to get ur period??

roflcopterrr Arkansas 478 posts
Jan 27th '13

With Paragard you may skip a month, be late, or start early when it comes to your period. Since it is non-hormonal, your body goes at its' natural pace.
However, Paragard is as effective as a vasectomy (according to my OB). Highly unlikely to become pregnant on it.

Courtney +3 Due June 6 (girl); TTC since Dec 2013; 2 kids; tracy, ca, United States 6929 posts
Jan 27th '13

well my period is suppose to be here between the 20-25th and every month is usually on the dot and heavy as heck it was never lighter or missed a month thats what i am just confused on :(