Stomach bug! user banned
Jan 26th '13

Anyone else had it recently? I was convinced the epidemic would pass me by, but in the past few hours its full blown hit me.

How did you get relief?

Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
Jan 26th '13

I've had it twice this pregnancy, once at 5.5 weeks and once at 12 weeks. Relief? I didn't. I sat and rocked and whined and moaned and made Frank come home from work to watch the kid. And drank gatorade and wished to die. But 24 hours and I could keep things down again, and 48 hours and it was like it never happened.
You poor muffin. :(

Two Princesses 2 kids; Los Angeles, CA, United States 7205 posts
Jan 26th '13

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's called Norovirus.
I have been feeling sick the last few days, only now starting to feel better.
Hope you feel better soon.
Saltines and gatorade are your friends right now. Even if you can only keep a little down.

user banned 1 child; :), :), United States 5380 posts
Jan 26th '13

Thanks, ladies. I swear I vomitted up a gallon all at once. Now I'm really worried that my baby will get it, that would be so horrible! :(