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Jan 26th '13

I am only 6.5 weeks along, and this symptom has only been with me for 2 weeks now, (right as I found out I was pregnant). But I am always cold. Not just, "its cold outside, so put on a blanket", but, cold to the bone cold. My appendages (nose, feet, toes, hands, etc.) are freezing to the touch. My husband used to not mind me snuggling up to him when I was cold, now he says I am too cold to cuddle next to. I have to wear socks (which I hate), blankets galore, on top of me sitting on a heated mattress pad, just to sleep.
I read this is an issue with your thyroid, and should get checked out by. My doctor said its just another symptom of pregnancy, to "get used to".
Saw a wives tale that if you're cold, you're having a boy, but it seems a wee bit early to be assuming boy this early.

Anyone have thoughts? Or had the same problem?

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Jan 26th '13

i had the SAME exact thing during my entire pregnancy with my son! it was so annoying, but after a bit i got used to it, my doctor check my thyroid 3 or 4 times to make sure everything was ok, and yup everything was fine, just a pregnancy symptom i had, i didn't warm up until i was about 38 weeks pregnant :-( it sucked, plus i had the weirdest sensation in my breast (possibly TMI) but it would feel like someone shoved them in a freezer for like 5 minutes straight :-( that symptom went away after the first trimester though luckily! that was the only pregnancy symptom i had though, besides my missed period. :-/

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Jan 26th '13

Same thing about the breasts!

I thought I was going insane. When I was pregnant with my dauther, my b**bs NEVER hurt. Well, maybe if I crossed my arms to hard, or etc.

This time, my b**bs are on HIGH alert, like my nipples hurt SO bad, like when you're outside and its 20 below! I feel like I am constantly in the freezer. My hubby thinks I am just odd, but I will literally sit, covered up, etc., and shiver, teeth chattering and all! I was thinking maybe it was because of when I am pregnant, my daughter I was July-April, this one I am December-September. But I dunno...just annoying, lol.

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Jan 26th '13

i have an under active thyroid and am always freezing even with my heat is on 80 and still cold..your iron might be low also,they should check for anemia at your next doc visit,for now try to eat red meats and greens,it takes about a month for red blood cells to form so just stick with it..i put rice in a sock and microwave it for a minute and it keeps me warm too..drinnk lots of fluids to so your body stays hydrated,if you are worried id ask for a hypothyroid blood test to check your tsh and t3 levels..god bless

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Jan 26th '13

I am having the same problem! I always have the heater on in the room. My SO hates it!